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Zoom talk: Mary, Queen Of Scots – The Captive Queen In England 1568-87

Saturday, November 28 at 11.00 am

Discover the fascinating story of Mary’s years in captivity in and around Yorkshire, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire. This talk will reveal a story not found in any history book (apart from mine!) Find out what really happened to Mary in her captivity years by joining David Templeman, Elizabethan historian, national speaker and author of the book-same title as talk- for this journey around Carlisle Castle, Bolton Castle, Tutbury Castle, Wingfield Manor, Chatsworth, Sheffield Castle and Manor Lodge, Buxton and Worksop Manor.

Rather than the benign period portrayed by her biographers, the talk conveys intrigue, passion, plots and escape attempts. Mary spent more than a third of her life in captivity but the history books pass over this very important part of her life in one chapter. This talk puts the missing link back and helps restore this period back to its rightful place as an important part in the overall story of one of history’s most romantic and enigmatic characters.

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