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Week 8

Another exciting week on the Castle site as more and more of the newly found Castle wall is revealed. The hope is that further excavation will continue moving west to discover the full extent of the remains. We are talking with the council design team as to how this might be incorporated into the plans for the park and there is certainly a willingness to do this. It is clear that the proposed major route through the site will need to move slightly to accommodate the newly found walls and also the well.

Work has also continued to the rear of the gatehouse chamber with more remains and back fill found and focus in the coming week will be to extend the excavation east, behind the old Market Tavern where we expect to find the upper levels of the moat.

Wessex have produced another great video this week focusing on the work the volunteers are doing to assist the Wessex team. It’s great to know that many of the volunteers are our members and this week’s photo of the Castle wall attached is from Steve Brownlow who has been on the site twice in recent weeks.

This weeks video…   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ImRnLtTO_c

You might be wondering why we haven’t seen the remains of the gatehouse yet. This still sits inside the concrete chamber on site and the intention is that this will be removed in a few months time in phase 2 of the development. Listing building consent has to be applied for and the removal of the chamber will need to be carefully done so as not to damage the surrounding stone work.

Hope you are all enjoying the updates and we will continue to keep you advised of developments.



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