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Week 7

Lots to report on this week and some major news!  Archaeologists have uncovered part of the Castle walls on the South of the site which have never been seen or recorded before! See the attached picture where on the left you can see later walls from the 18th & 19th century built onto the Castle walls.  Not only this but work has started behind the Castle gatehouse and again parts of the Castle walls have been found along with the back fill of the gatehouse.

Pottery and timber has also been found in the moat and ‘slots’ cut into the moat which are puzzling but appear to be very old. I’m sure we will hear more about this in the coming weeks.

As Wessex say on the poster, the medieval period is now very much in focus and work on the moat and gatehouse area will continue over the last 3-4 weeks of the excavations.

Members of the Committee and some of our members/friends joined us on site yesterday for a tour of the works taking place. We were well looked after by Ash and Natasha from Wessex and could have stayed for much longer!  We were able to see the newly found Castle walls and the work going on in the moat and behind the gatehouse. A great experience and we hope many of you will have been able to join the tours or get involved with the dig.

We are working closely with the Council design time at the moment to make sure all these exciting finds including the well are incorporated into the final design of the park.

Here’s a video from Wessex this week…..  Lord Mayor of Sheffield Cllr Colin Ross visits Castlegate site (youtube.com)

Follow this link for the second Castlegate Newsletter with more on the Castle site and more…..    Castlegate News (govdelivery.com)



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