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Week 11 and the Eastern Bastion tower is found!

A significant couple of weeks on site as more and more of the Castle structure is revealing itself, some of it for the first time in 400 years!

Most impressive is the sight of the eastern bastion tower, which can now clearly be seen, built into the motte and bedrock. Sadly, all the cut, ashlar stonework on the front has gone but it still looks very impressive. Leslie Butcher in the 50’s saw glimpses of this tower but work on the site then, restricted further investigation so this is a hugely exciting moment with the base of the tower seen in full for the first time in 400 years.

On top of this, Wessex have found good preservation of the drawbridge pier right next to the eastern tower and this does contain ashlar facing stonework.

Take a look at the attached picture (thanks to Steve Brownlow) which clearly shows the base of the tower curving round and then to the left of the picture a small section of the pier, next to the concrete chamber, with both square cut and angled stone.

Work is currently continuing around the concrete chamber housing the known gatehouse remains and the drawbridge pier on the south side which is also being uncovered. It is hoped that next week, we will see remains of the western bastion tower, but no guarantee.

There is one more week of excavation work before the second phase of the project starts in July and this is when we expect the concrete chamber to be removed.

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