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The talk on Sheffield Castle

Glyn Davies' talkDr. Glyn Davies’s recent talk on Sheffield Castle was the most up to date summary of the Castle site I’ve yet seen. As one of the lucky 130 or so who managed to get in it was also one of the most concise at 40 minutes. Unfortunately some forty people had to be turned away because the room, at Weston Park Museum, was packed to capacity.

Based on research from various sources, the most up to date being the fascinating ARCUS report commissioned by Sheffield City Council from the University of Sheffield. It highlighted a number of facets guaranteed to whet the appetites of all Sheffield Castle fans.

  • The probability of the West wall (Exchange Street) having gone.
  • The scale and size of the hidden ‘Bastion’ remains.
  • The existence of something I’d deduced myself; a Civil War Period Earth and Timber Redoubt before the Gatehouse.
  • The probability that the Castle, as an architectural feature, did not extend to Broad Street.

Fascinating Stuff! And as another Castle ‘fan’ pointed out, the number of ‘new faces’ who had turned up at short notice indicates the groundswell of interest in Sheffield Castle.

Ron Clayton



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