We need your support and help to continue our fight to get the best outcome for the castle ruins.

Sheffield Heritage Fair 2020

Join us for a celebration of Sheffield’s rich history, as we showcase the work of key heritage groups from around the city in a weekend-long fair at the Millennium Gallery.

Sheffield’s heritage reaches far wider than just the industrial revolution, and knowledge of it is being added to all the time. Recent research has shone new light on the early frontier of Roman Britain, Sheffield’s lost castle, the city’s stance against the slave trade, the fight for female emancipation, and Sheffield’s ‘Little Mesters’.

Take the opportunity to chat with local heritage groups and learn from history advocates who care for, promote and pass on our local heritage to future generations of the ‘biggest village’, Sheffield.

This event is being organised by well-known Sheffield character, author, and provider of Sheffield-based historical walks and talks, Ron Clayton, and historian and speaker, David Templeman.

Free, just turn up.



Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to get involved.

We are a voluntary group and so may not be able to answer immediately.