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Report from our 2020 AGM

The 7th AGM of the Friends of Sheffield Castle took place on 30th July via on line meeting site Zoom as unfortunately it was impossible to hold the meeting in a venue due to the current situation.

All members of the current committee were re-elected and we are pleased to welcome 2 new Committee members to the Group. Ruth Morgan represents the Hunter Archaeological Society (HAS) who have been in existence since 1912, compiling reports and studies into the history and archaeology of Sheffield. As the site plans enter the next phase, we feel it important the HAS is represented on our Committee.

Also joining us is Tom Moore, previously of the Sheffield University School of Architecture. Tom was heavily involved with the ‘Revealing the Castle’ project you may recall from a few years back where students visualised the potential for the future of the site. Tom has continued his work at the University and again we feel it of benefit to have someone with a design/architectural background join us.

21 members ‘tuned in’ to the AGM, so a big thanks to those who did, for taking part.

The site is due to fall silent again now that the contractors who had been using the site as a base for the Council’s Grey to Green project, have almost completed their work.  The area around Castlegate, Victoria Quays and the Exchange Street Studios has been transformed and worth a look if you are in the area. So, what next?

The Council remain keen to carry out a public consultation on the different options to be considered for future uses of the site. We have already nailed our colours to the mast by gathering the views of our members last year, resulting in the publication of our Blueprint which all members should have a copy of.

Our discussions with the Council continue to be positive and there is a great desire from all parties, to make sure we make the most out of the history and archaeology of the site.  Clearly, we are frustrated with how long the process is taking, and the current Covid situation certainly doesn’t help. I do feel however, that activity will increase from September onwards as all parties are keen to find a solution for the site as soon as possible

We again, hope to undertake some tours of the site during both the Heritage Open Day weekends (11-20 Sept) and Castlegate Festival ( 14-28 Sept). Due to the Covid restrictions, these may only be very limited but we will let you know as soon as we can confirm anything.  We hope to at least provide a video tour for you if the walks aren’t permitted.

Finally, late September will also see publication of the much-awaited book by our own Prof. John Moreland, Dept. of Archaeology, Sheffield University. The book will include the most detailed record of the Castle archives and excavations, and is something to really look forward too.

This book will be available to purchase but will also be available free on line for all to read.  More details will be confirmed in due course.

Thanks for your continued support and we will keep you all informed as the project moves forward.

Martin Gorman




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