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Paul Blomfield MP and Joe Scarborough visit the ruins

Blomfield & Scarborough visit the ruins
Joe Scarborough, Paul Blomfield and FOSC secretary
Marie Gilman at the ruins

FOSC organised a visit to the existing castle ruins recently for two (very) interested parties.

Paul Blomfield was elected as the new Labour Member of Parliament for Sheffield Central in May 2010. He has lived in Sheffield for most of his life.

Joe Scarborough is a local artist, famous for painting humorous scenes of Sheffield life – everyday images of the life and people of South Yorkshire.

Both share a deep love for Sheffield and a desire to help see it rise from the current recession and once again take our rightful place as one of the foremost cities in England. Sheffield, of course, has a long heritage of steel, but both men agreed that if the Castle is excated carefully and systematically, the resulting finds could give Sheffield a far longer, richer history and allow us to benefit from the boom in tourism the ruins could give us as well as restoring civic pride.

The pair were guided round the ruins by FOSC committee member and expert historian Lloyd Powell and FOSC Chair Ron Clayton. Both had ideas and enthusiasm for how we can move forwards – we look forward to continuing this relationship!

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