We need your support and help to continue our fight to get the best outcome for the castle ruins.

Our launch – a big success!

The launch we held last night at the Royal Victoria Hotel exceeded our wildest dreams! Nearly 200 citizens of Sheffield attended and the buzz in the room was tangible. Ron Clayton and Clive Waddington gave a brief introduction before Lloyd Powell gave a fascinating 30 minute talk about the history of the castle. The audience were so impressed they made him do it again at the end of the evening!

Visitors enjoyed wine and nibble courtesy of the wonderful Hermann Beck (who also supplied the venue free of charge). There was a display of castle artefacts, banners from Manor Lodge, historical books and magazines, a table running the FOSC website, a membership table and much more.

The audience were uniformly enthusiastic and many joined the group, as well as offering their thoughts on how we can progress. With the ruins yet to be unearthed, events like this are a great way to spread the word. We wish to thank everyone who was involved.



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