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Notes & Queries

Short passages like this really help us to build a clearer picture of how the site has changed over the years.

“During demolition of an old cupola furnace in the premises formerly occupied by Messrs R&J Smith Bros, numerous stones of 15th Century workmanship were discovered.

Some of the stones had formed part of traceried windows, in one a piece of old glass remained; others had been coping stones, or jamb stones of windows or doorways. One of these had an iron crook attached to it.

 From an archaeological standpoint it is to be regretted that the  proposal to cut a road across the site of the old castle was abandoned. Had this suggestion been carried into effect it is probable that some considerable remains would have been found, or even a complete plan of its arrangements laid bare.

The scheme adopted involves the raising of the site rather than as excavation, and so what remains of the castle will be placed still  further below the surface, it may be for future generations of  archaeologists to discover and explore.”

Extract from Notes & Queries, Hunter Arch. Soc. Transactions Vol 1 p239 published 1918

Supplied by Peter Bayliss

Photo courtesy of Nick Robinson
Photo courtesy of Nick



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