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Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to all our supporters! A reminder that it is just a couple of weeks to the Heritage Fair on Saturday 19th

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A view from 1879

This wonderful image is full of detail. Click for a full-size image. Valerie Bayliss has provided a very good summary of the picture: “In the

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Castle remains?

Mick Timmins shared this image from the “Sheffield days gone past” group. Described as hole in the road construction. Does this look like castle foundations?

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More in the Star


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More news!

Some articles in the Star https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-castle-dig-shows-site-s-potential-as-new-finds-fire-public-imagination-1-9376227 https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-castle-s-secret-tunnel-myth-or-truth-it-could-be-a-bit-of-both-1-9376652 And more from Wessex  – exciting times! https://www.wessexarch.co.uk/news/sheffield-castle-3-2-1

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