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The wall, in 1927

This image, originally published in the Star, gives us an insight into what may be waiting for us underneath Castle Market. You get a real

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ARCUS students working on the ruins

ARCUS students at work

University of Sheffield Department of Archaelogy Students working on the remains of Sheffield Castle. Its anticipated that up to three quarters of the ground plan

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A window in Sheffield Cathedral

De Lovetot in colour…

A trip to the Sheffield Cathedral will reveal to you the beautiful stained glass window depecting the “Six Sheffield Worthies”. Top row middle is William

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Recycled stones?

When a large section of bank on Edward Street collapsed in 2003 this remarkable section of wall was revealed. Solly Street runs along at the

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prints from the 15th century

Paws for thought

Has your cat ever walked across your keyboard? Well, it’s not a new problem. Medieval book historian Erik Kwakkel recently Tweeted this photo of a

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The Friends of Sheffield Castle are a voluntary group who aim to protect and promote the archaeological site of Sheffield Castle for the benefit of

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