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More photos!

The inestimable nightcaller has posted more images from inside the castle. It’s a shame we can not get similar access by lawful means!

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Under the Market

Using slightly covert means, someone called “Nightcaller” has been taking photos inside the Markets and found their way under the floors, where these two impressive

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HLF bid fails

You may have seen in the Sheffield Telegraph and The Star this week, that the Council has been unsuccessful in its bid for funding through

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Article in the Star

The Sheffield Star ran a feature on the castle recently, you can read the online version here. Let’s hope the site will look a little

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Notes & Queries

Short passages like this really help us to build a clearer picture of how the site has changed over the years. “During demolition of an

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Report from the University

The ARCUS (Archaeological Research and Consultancy at the University of Sheffield) Report 669b(1) was prepared by Michael McCoy and Mark Stenton, with illustrations by Marcus

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Our inaugural AGM was attended by around 40 people, who listened to a talk by Mr Simon Ogden (SCC) on the Sheffield Castle investigation by

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The Friends Of Sheffield Castle Annual General Meeting Will be held on Thursday 17th April at 6.30 in the Royal Victoria Hotel/Holiday Inn. We hope

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