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News from Week 3!

Week 3 of the archaeological dig on the site of the Castle and this week’s find’s centre around significant remains of a 19th century furnace.


Volunteers have been on site all week and it’s great to see some of our Members taking part in the work on the 19th century remains.  As Wessex report, they are gradually working through the layers of archaeology, and they are currently working on the industrial levels. It may be a few more weeks before we catch site of any potential medieval layers, but we will keep you posted.

Here’s a report from Committee member Robert Hall from his work on site this week…..

‘I was fortunate enough to be one of the first 5 volunteers, to help Wessex with the archaeology of the Castle site. Ash, the Lead from Wessex, kept popping over to see how we were getting on which was quite appreciated, and really made the group feel they were adding value to the project.  There was quite a buzz around the place, having just discovered last week a 12m Well which brings up lots of investigative possibilities. But way too early to surmise.

Wessex are there for all the archaeology, not just the Castle and as such the dig starts by getting down to the late 1700’s where we learn a lot about the Industrial times, and wow did we find Crucible Furnaces.

Robert’s digging revealed 3 furnace walls and also 3 decent sized crucibles. The area where we were digging had walls, drains, kilns, all mixed together as building work over time had just built on top, so Wessex were logging all this quite precisely.

Absolutely brilliant experience, and well worth a go if you have the chance. Personally, I was shattered, and day two was a struggle (including blister), so go for the 1 day experience.’

It was well run, and a good friendly spirit from Wessex, and hopefully lots more to discover and learn’.

Keep a watch on the Wessex dedicated site for more details of when new opportunities and tours will be announced.



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