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New book – ‘The Story of the Manor and Castle of Medieval Sheffield’

book coverRon Clayton gives his individual review of the above.

Peter Machan has provided Sheffielders with another lavishly illustrated, fact packed yet readable and modestly priced book on the pre Industrial history of his native city. In particular he looks at the castle, lodge, deer park and town of Sheffield itself together with some of its notables. His love of and fascination with the post medieval evolution of the lodge site is self-evident and to be expected from the author.

With anecdotes and contemporary comments a plenty and published by Sharrow Books at the very affordable price of £4.99 with both colour and black and white illustrations it’s been beautifully put together by Mick Liversidge at Pickards. One brief criticism ‘The Story of’ is a title used perhaps too often in books on Sheffield’s history.

machan talk
Peter Machan giving a talk for FOSC

It is also a testimonial and acknowledgement to the work of those few, very few individuals who have long pressed the issue of the castle site and associated issues in the local media and- more recently- certain Friends Groups together with the crucial support of both universities.

One hopes that the City Council can now fine tune its own efforts regarding the castle site because as ‘nature abhors a vacuum’  so too does the Sheffield public a long term hoarded up derelict site in the city centre.

The book can be bought from Sheffield Scene – £4.99.

Ron Clayton



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