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Lady Grace Talbot reveals the Castle?


This painting is owned by the National Trust and stored at Hardwick Hall. Painted in 1591, it shows of Lady Grace Talbot (1562–after 1625) was the third daughter of George Talbot, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury (c.1528-90), for whom she is in mourning here, and his first wife, Gertrude  Manners, daughter of Thomas Manners, Earl of Rutland. She married, in 1567, Henry Cavendish (1550-1616), eldest son of Sir William Cavendish (1505?-1557) and Elizabeth Hardwick (c.1527-1608) and died without heirs.

What is of more interest is the top left of the painting which (it can be argued) shows the Gatehouse of Sheffield Castle! Opinion is divided at whether this part of the painting is simply to show her status and connections, or whether it was set within the castle and arranged so you can see out of the window. In either case, this remarkable image gives us a unique(?) glimpse of the Castle before it was demolished.



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