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Key to the Davenport drawing

This key will help you see how the drawing fits in to the actual geography..

Reconstruction of Sheffield Castle in the 12th century, by Martin Davenport. Key; 1, Entrance with bastion towers. 2, Drawbridge, 3, Outer Courtyard, 4, Inner Courtyard, 5, Great Hall, 6, Square tower or keep, 7, Waingate, 8, Moat, 9, Exchange Street, 10, Moat cut from River Don, 11, Chapel of Our Blessed Lady of the Bridge, 12, Lady’s Bridge and the Don, 13, Nurseries (origin of Nursery Street), 14, Wicker Archery butts, 15, Confluence of Don and Sheaf, 16, River Sheaf, 17, Orchards, 18, Attercliffe and Tinsley, 19, Wincobank Hill, 21, Dixon Lane site. Original sketch done in 1950 for Sheffield Telegraph.



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