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Interest in the Castle from all round the world!!

We received a lovely email from Cathryn Weaver from the Baker County Kids’ Book Club, Oregon USA. Her email said………

I wanted to send you a positive email about the Friends of Sheffield Castle’s webpage. I volunteer with a children’s reading group at my library and we’re currently reading a book called Castle Diary out loud together. The kids have gotten so interested in the castles, so we have been referencing your page when we need to look up some interesting facts. I wanted to say thanks for sharing from all of us!

One of the girls in the group, Ana, also found a great page about castles 

Can you include this on your page? She said it was one we hadn’t found off your page so she wanted to let you know it existed. I agreed to share it with you since I figured others visiting your page would find it useful too.

Thanks for getting in touch Cathryn and well done to Ana for finding the new page on castles!!



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