Whatever your age, why not send us your own impression of what the Castle looked like? This could be a drawing, painting or even a model!

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  1. I grew up with Martin Davenport’s sketch by my bed. He was a friend of my grandfather Harold Bunting, who worked on the Sheffield Telegraph. Grandpa borrowed it to be used in an article the paper was doing about Sheffield’s history. Sadly it was never returned. And no, the sketch wasn’t made in 1100 in case you’re wondering how old I am!

  2. Thanks Stephen – you are correct ! Martin Davenport did not compose this representation in 1100. If it was we ought to rename him Methuselah. We aren’t sure when the original motte and bailey was built but nobody has ever done an artists impression of this original fortification. I’ll add some dates to the above later but I would guess that Davenport’s version may be circa 1948 or early nineteen fifties. Does that fit in with your personal timescale? Please let us know,


  3. Stephen: I remember your grandfather Harold Bunting whilst working as a secretary in Advertising at Sheffield Newspapers in the 70’s. Wish I had known more about history during those years!

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