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Friends Of The Old Town Hall AGM 2016

The Friends Of The Old Town Hall AGM will take place, as already announced, at 7.15 pm on Wednesday 16 March, at the Friends’ Meeting House, St James’s Street, Sheffield (close to the Cathedral).

The formal agenda will be circulated soon. But we wanted to let you know that following the formal AGM business, we have a speaker. We are delighted that Andy Jackson of Heeley Development Trust will talk about ‘The Story of Sum Studios’. Andy has led one of the most successful regeneration projects in the city in recent years, which has seen the restoration of the first of 3 buildings making up a wonderful Grade 2-listed former board school in Heeley to become work space for small businesses. It’s a great example of how a heritage asset can be brought back into use, even after a period of neglect. He’s going to tell us how it happened.

There will be much for us to learn from this and we hope you will come long to hear Andy, as well as to get an update on the progress the Friends have made in our first year of operation.

We look forward to seeing you on 16 March.

Best wishes

FOTH Committee



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