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Friends donated incredible historical item

We are delighted to announce that the Friends have been donated an item of incredible historical importance by Sheffield resident and former President of the Hunter Archaeological Society, Pat Wagner.

The item is Joseph Himsworth’s personal copy of Joseph Hunter’s 1869 ‘Gatty’ version of the History of Sheffield, but what makes it very special is that it includes Himsworth’s personal handwritten diary of the excavations that took place on the Castle site between 1927 – 30.

Himsworth worked alongside Leslie Armstrong in recording the excavations during this period and the diary also contains original photographs, some of which you will be familiar with. Much more information on Himsworth can be found in Prof. John Morelands recent book on the Castle.

Incredibly, Pat purchased the book and diary from a second hand book shop in Sheffield, over 30 years ago!

Attached are some photos of the book and diary and we will continue to bring you more information and excerpts from the diary in due course. The book is in need of some repair and we also need to consider a place to preserve for future generations, but also hope to bring opportunities to members to view the diary in the future.

We can’t thank Pat enough for her incredible gesture and as a small gesture of thanks, have given her life membership of the Friends. Thanks also to long standing member, Peter Carver for alerting us to the possibility of owning this wonderful item.



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