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Final Week of Excavations – week 12

The final week of major excavations of the Castle site has now come to a close and there will be a slight pause before the second phase of works start in early July. This phase will include the day-lighting of the Sheaf and the creation of the landscaping of the site.  In terms of the Castle remains, the intention will be to remove the large concrete chamber that houses part of the gatehouse structure, once completed we will really get a clear picture of the Castle’s gatehouse footprint.

I’m sure we will have a summary of all the finds from Wessex in due course but in the final weeks its has been fantastic to see substantial remains of the Castle revealed.  The drawbridge pier in the moat is now clear to see with some perfectly preserved cut stone. We saw the East bastion tower last week and now parts of the western tower have been revealed, some ashlar cut stone in situ, on top of bedrock which looks as if it was constructed yesterday!

It’s interesting to see the colour of the stonework which appears to be quite light and presumably limestone. Hard to imagine what the whole castle would have looked like cut out of this stone!

Check out the latest poster from Wessex here….  https://www.wessexarch.co.uk/resources/sheffield-castle-site-poster-week-12





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