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Exciting news!

We have exciting news that a contractor has now been appointed by the Council and work will start on the Castle site in January!  The first phase of work will see site clearance and preparation, under-pinning of the Old Market Tavern and most importantly, excavation of the gatehouse area of the Castle.  Apart from the excavations of the 1950’s when very few people were able to see the remains, this will be the first time the gatehouse will be opened up for everyone to see and appreciate since the Castle was demolished in the late 1600’s.

I’m pleased to say that the contractor’s Project Manager has already been in touch with us to see how we can work together on the project and therefore we are very hopeful access to the site might be permitted whilst the work is going on.  It has not been confirmed which archaeological firm will be undertaking the work yet, and we will update you as and when we know more.

Here’s the press release article in the Star

And the Council Press Release here


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