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Excavations 2024

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Week 10

Last week was due to be the final week of archaeological work in this phase of the works however, I’m pleased to confirm that work

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Week 8

Another exciting week on the Castle site as more and more of the newly found Castle wall is revealed. The hope is that further excavation

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Week 7

Lots to report on this week and some major news!  Archaeologists have uncovered part of the Castle walls on the South of the site which

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Week 6

Excavations of the Castle site continue, and we are now starting to see some fascinating finds coming out of the top levels of the moat

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Week 5

A press release from Wessex covers Week 5 of the works on site. This covers the detailed work around the finding of the furnace from

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News from Week 3!

Week 3 of the archaeological dig on the site of the Castle and this week’s find’s centre around significant remains of a 19th century furnace.

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ARCUS students working on the ruins

ARCUS students at work

University of Sheffield Department of Archaelogy Students working on the remains of Sheffield Castle. Its anticipated that up to three quarters of the ground plan

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