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Events reports

Friday 11th September 2015 “A Walk with Ron”
16 of us (14 members plus 2 Committee) spent an enjoyable 2 hours in good weather with interesting narrative from Ron, starting at Castle House and progressing at relaxed pace to Old Town Hall, Waingate, Blonk Street, Hambledon House, Exchange Street, into back yard at Ibis Hotel, then through Ponds Forge car park to look at the old archway, then across the road to look at the Sheaf (and discovered some ancient stones in the babbling water). Then some of us had a nice lunch and chat in the Old Queen’s Head. And just for those who were interested, Marie reports on the mushrooms we spotted in the middle of the grassed area in front of the Ibis (the old car park):

“Shaggy Ink Cap” (edible) or “Coprinus comatus” (also known as “Lawyer’s Wig” or “Judge’s Wig”). Apparently once they appear they are only viable for up to 24 hours before frying, as they open up and quickly go “mushy” and develop black inky edges (ink that can be used). They grow on disturbed ground. For detailed information go to: http://www.wildfooduk.com/mushroom-guides/shaggy-ink-caps-mushroom/

Saturday 12th September 2015 – “Field to Feast” at Manor Lodge
Marie arrived at 1000 hrs in a torrential rainstorm (as did the Friends of Manor Lodge) – and we all sat inside the Discovery Centre watching the rain until about 1100 hrs wondering whether to go home! Jon Bradley had kindly provided a gazebo for us with side panels, but FOSML had their own which they were reluctant to put up. However, during a gap in the rain, we all decided to be brave and “go on with the show”, but it was only a brief respite in the blustery/wet conditions so we battled on all day.

David T of FOSML had to lean against his gazebo support all day long to stop it taking off. Being located on a slope, items on our table constantly kept sliding forwards until during a massive burst of wind everything collapsed and two visitors actually helped me to replace everything and put house bricks under the front legs of the table to level it up. We were not very busy, as obviously many people had stayed at home owing to bad weather. You can only laugh about these tribulations, but the calming performances of the Doncaster Waites Tudor Music Group all day obviously reduced our blood pressure somewhat and kept us entertained.

Sunday 13th September 2015 – “A Walk with Ron”
27 of us (24 members plus 3 Committee) turned up for Ron’s second walk of the weekend (a repeat of Friday the 11th). A beautiful sunny day, with a slightly different route because Ron had planned to meet Valerie Bayliss of the Friends of the Old Town Hall, so Marie took the remainder of the party on the last leg to the Old Queen’s Head (looking down into the Sheaf again at Pond Street to look at the interesting stones). Members were extremely generous with their Group donations – way more than could ever be hoped for! Thank you all so much!



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