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The Earl of Shrewsbury’s inventory

George Talbot 1589Peter Bayliss has sent in a copy of the inventory of all the goods belonging to the Earl of Shrewsbury, George Talbot, for the use of Mary when she was his ‘guest’.  Perhaps people would like to explain / guess  / suggest what some of the less familiar items are? Here are a few, follow the link above for the complete listing.Feather bedds, xvii
Fyne matteresses, i
Course matteresses, xiii
Bolsters, xxv
Sheetes, paires, xvii
Blanquetts, xxxiii
Fledges, vi
Fustyeans, vi
Happings, i
Pellett cases, v
Coverletts of yearne, xiiii
Coverletts of lysts, iii
Counterpaynts, ix
Cannabyes, i
Candlesticks, ix
Chamberpotts, viii
Buffet formes, ii
Buffet stoules, viii


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