We need your support and help to continue our fight to get the best outcome for the castle ruins.

Closure of Sheffield University Archaeology Department

We are appalled to learn of the proposed closure of the University Archaeology Department and have written to the Vice Chancellor and Deputy imploring them to re-consider. This Department has existed for many many years and provided and world class resource for students and the local community, and also of course, direct support to the Friends. Without this department, we would not have seen the fantastic work done in the past few years on the archives, the publication of the book on the Castle and the free on line resource that resulted, for all to see.

The department also contributes hugely to the wider local community providing students with the opportunity to work alongside professional archaeology firms and community events.

The Friends were also asked to comment by the Sheffield Telegraph. We understand the decision still needs to be ratified by the University Council and Senate so lets hope they see sense.



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Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to get involved. We are a voluntary group and so may not be able to answer immediately.