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Mary Queen of Scots letters de-coded!

You may recall some time ago that some coded letters written by Mary Queen of Scots had been found in France.  These have now been de-coded and you can have a read through the translations by following the link below.  I think they paint a fascinating picture of Mary’s captivity whilst in Sheffield or ‘Sheffeild’ […]

Amazing Cannon find near Castle!

Magnet fisherman Dave Jordan and Ray Harper discovered a well preserved cannon in the River Don, next to the Ball Street Bridge at Kelham Island on Saturday 12th August.  The guys took the cannon to local Kelham Island Museum where hopefully further tests can take place to date it. See the BBC story with comments […]

Castle Exhibition at Weston Park Museum

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new exhibition at Weston Park Museum, Sheffield which explores the history of the Castle site through the ages.  It highlights some of the women associated with the Castle right from the earliest days through to present day. You will be able to see many artefacts from […]

Deciphering Mary Queen of Scots lost letters

Deciphering Mary Stuart s lost letters from 1578 1584 You may be aware of the recent finding of letters from Mary Queen of Scots which have now been deciphered by specialists. These letters would have been written whilst Mary was held captive in Sheffield so have particular interest. Click above on the headline for the […]

Sheffield Deer Park

Once upon a time, in medieval England, there were deer parks that stretched across the country. These enclosed areas were bounded by a ditch with a wooden, stone, or brick wall to keep the deer in. To establish a deer park a royal licence was required, and they quickly became status symbols for the lord […]

Friends donated incredible historical item

We are delighted to announce that the Friends have been donated an item of incredible historical importance by Sheffield resident and former President of the Hunter Archaeological Society, Pat Wagner. The item is Joseph Himsworth’s personal copy of Joseph Hunter’s 1869 ‘Gatty’ version of the History of Sheffield, but what makes it very special is […]

Origami at the Castle


Here’s an article about how paper-folding was used by Mary during her lockup!   And here’s a video of the technique used.

Key to the Davenport drawing

This key will help you see how the drawing fits in to the actual geography.. Reconstruction of Sheffield Castle in the 12th century, by Martin Davenport. Key; 1, Entrance with bastion towers. 2, Drawbridge, 3, Outer Courtyard, 4, Inner Courtyard, 5, Great Hall, 6, Square tower or keep, 7, Waingate, 8, Moat, 9, Exchange Street, […]

De Lovetot in colour…

A window in Sheffield Cathedral

A trip to the Sheffield Cathedral will reveal to you the beautiful stained glass window depecting the “Six Sheffield Worthies”. Top row middle is William De Lovetot – described on the Sheffield Cathedral website as; “…an energetic Norman baron. He was responsible for the first Norman church in Sheffield built on this site c1101, and […]

Recycled stones?

When a large section of bank on Edward Street collapsed in 2003 this remarkable section of wall was revealed. Solly Street runs along at the top of it. At the time it was suggested that some of these massive worked stones originated from the castle. I have never heard a suitable alternative suggestion. Has anyone […]

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