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Final Week of Excavations – week 12

The final week of major excavations of the Castle site has now come to a close and there will be a slight pause before the second phase of works start in early July. This phase will include the day-lighting of the Sheaf and the creation of the landscaping of the site.  In terms of the […]

Week 11 and the Eastern Bastion tower is found!

A significant couple of weeks on site as more and more of the Castle structure is revealing itself, some of it for the first time in 400 years! Most impressive is the sight of the eastern bastion tower, which can now clearly be seen, built into the motte and bedrock. Sadly, all the cut, ashlar stonework […]

Week 10

Last week was due to be the final week of archaeological work in this phase of the works however, I’m pleased to confirm that work will continue for at least another 2 weeks as the Council have approved extension of the works around the newly found Castle walls. Wessex will be working west towards the […]

Week 8

Another exciting week on the Castle site as more and more of the newly found Castle wall is revealed. The hope is that further excavation will continue moving west to discover the full extent of the remains. We are talking with the council design team as to how this might be incorporated into the plans […]

Week 7

Lots to report on this week and some major news!  Archaeologists have uncovered part of the Castle walls on the South of the site which have never been seen or recorded before! See the attached picture where on the left you can see later walls from the 18th & 19th century built onto the Castle […]

Week 6

Excavations of the Castle site continue, and we are now starting to see some fascinating finds coming out of the top levels of the moat near the Gatehouse and also the lower levels of the motte.  Wessex are sending off these finds with a view to cleaning and dating and this will allow us to […]

Week 5

A press release from Wessex covers Week 5 of the works on site. This covers the detailed work around the finding of the furnace from weeks 2 to 4 and a fantastic 3D model/record of the crucible furnaces.  We understand this will now be removed to allow the archaeologists to excavate the Castle gatehouse area, […]

News from Week 3!

Week 3 of the archaeological dig on the site of the Castle and this week’s find’s centre around significant remains of a 19th century furnace. https://www.wessexarch.co.uk/news/excavations-sheffield-castle-heat-19th-century-steel-working-discoveries Volunteers have been on site all week and it’s great to see some of our Members taking part in the work on the 19th century remains.  As Wessex report, […]

Great article in The Sheffield Tribune

Really excellent piece on the history of the Castle and the Castle site in the online Sheffield Tribune, written by Dan Hayes. The article features an interview with committee member’s Prof John Moreland and quotes from David Clarke. Follow this link  https://www.sheffieldtribune.co.uk/p/how-a-medieval-castle-became-a-modern  

Week 2 of the Excavations

Week 2 of the excavations of the site now completed and ‘well’, guess what the archaeologists have found? On top of the raised platform and in the area of the motte from the first Norman Castle, they have uncovered a 12m drop well that we can’t trace on any maps!  The well is capped off […]

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