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Castle Sizes

I’ve been giving some thought to how to show people the size of the castle. I think many are like me and 4.2 acres doesn’t mean much, I’m better with football pitches or the size of Wales when comparing. I’ve had a look at Google Earth and measured  the areas of some castles people may have visited, and then downloaded images of them, and this is what I’ve come up with.

Sheffield Castle          4.2 acres
Bodiam Castle            0.48 acres, or if you include the extensive moat, 3.7 acres
Beaumaris Castle       2.5 acres (3.5acres including the moat)
Caernarfon Castle      3 acres
Warwick Castle           2.6 acres (4.2 acres including the motte)

To try to give an impression I’ve attached aerial photos of the castles from Britain from above (Warwick, Beaumaris, Bodiam, Caernarfon)

Peter Bayliss




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