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Battle of Sheffield Great Park (continued)

“Went the Day Well?” asks Ron Clayton

FoSC’s Marie Gilman reported back on a sunny, blustery and slightly inclement day on 1st August at Manor Lodge where she clutched tenaciously at our stand supports as valiantly as Sir Edmund Verney held his Sovereign’s standard at Edgehill Fight in 1642.  A busy day of movement and noise witnessed camp life, recruitment, training and push of pike, matchlock firepower and hand-to-hand, watched by a numerous crowd swarming over this historic site on which the eyes of the English Court were focused in the 16th Century if not later.

Who won?  The answer is lost in the fog of war, except that the certain victors – the people of Sheffield – have seen and will read of another acknowledgement of a Sheffield past that has more romance and more excitement than dreary urban concrete modernism or nostalgia and sentiment for a recent lost past.  For the people of Sheffield who visited the stalls of the Friends of Sheffield Castle and Friends of Sheffield Manor Lodge we have some exciting events in the pipeline for Autumn.

So as “The Sealed Knot” is for The King, then you can say that (for the present) they hold Sheffield for him – for John Bright’s Regiment of Foote has now decamped, leaving behind considerable booty at Carbrook Hall (of which more later)!

Ron Clayton



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