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A once in a lifetime opportunity..

The start of excavation work at the site of Sheffield’s former castle has been heralded by local historians as a “once in a lifetime opportunity”. Contractors moved onto the Castlegate site at the end of January to begin clearing the area for redevelopment. Sheffield City Council plans to create a park and events space and […]

Castle Site Development

Work is finally now starting on creating a landscaped urban park which will include the daylighting of the River Sheaf and excavation of the gatehouse of the Castle.  The workers cabins are on site and initially there will be a few weeks of site clearance and preparation ahead of the main works starting. We understand […]

Exciting news!

We have exciting news that a contractor has now been appointed by the Council and work will start on the Castle site in January!  The first phase of work will see site clearance and preparation, under-pinning of the Old Market Tavern and most importantly, excavation of the gatehouse area of the Castle.  Apart from the […]

Castlegate Festival

We are pleased to be supporting the Castlegate Festival again this year which runs from 8th Sept to 17 Sept with many events taking place in the Castlegate area. This year we will be at the Pollen Market on Castlegate on Sunday 17th Sept where you can come and talk to us about the Castle […]

Letter to the Sheffield Telegraph from HUS

Hunter Archaeological Society and Sheffield Castle Members of the Hunter Archaeological Society were so pleased to hear that on 23 May the planning application which will lead to the restoration of remaining parts of Sheffield Castle was approved by the Sheffield City Council’s Planning and Highways Committee.  Using Government Levelling-Up funds, at last tenders can […]

Merry Christmas 2022

Festive greetings to all our supporters and volunteers.  We look forward to real progress in 2023.

Sheffield Deer Park

Once upon a time, in medieval England, there were deer parks that stretched across the country. These enclosed areas were bounded by a ditch with a wooden, stone, or brick wall to keep the deer in. To establish a deer park a royal licence was required, and they quickly became status symbols for the lord […]

Knights in Battle, Sheffield

The  Knights in Battle are a 15th Century living history society based in Sheffield. As well as active displays at events they also hold evening talks on the period. Their next talk ‘Getting dressed for Battle’ will include a display on dressing the Knight and armoured combat. This will take place on Wednesday 30th November […]

Friends donated incredible historical item

We are delighted to announce that the Friends have been donated an item of incredible historical importance by Sheffield resident and former President of the Hunter Archaeological Society, Pat Wagner. The item is Joseph Himsworth’s personal copy of Joseph Hunter’s 1869 ‘Gatty’ version of the History of Sheffield, but what makes it very special is […]

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