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Amazing news!

We are delighted to let you know that the Council have been successful in their bid for funding under the Governments Levelling Up bid, and have secured £20m towards the future of the site. £15m of the fund will be allocated to the Castle site and this will allow for further archaeological investigations, interpretation of the remains, routeways through the site, de-culverting of the River Sheaf and creation of open space on the site.

On the fringes of the site, areas will be made ready for future development, the scale and design to be determined later.  Above is a concept plan of what the site ‘might’ look like.

This is fantastic news and somewhat unexpected given earlier noises coming from the Council.  Congratulations must go to Nalin Seneviratne, Council lead and his team of consultants who put the bid together.

It now means we can at last start turning the site into something we can all be proud of, celebrating the history of Sheffield and revealing our long lost Castle!!

Martin Gorman



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