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A poem about the Castle

The Castle Awakes

There is no sound above me now
I am quite alone
But I cannot feel a sadness
I have a heart of stone
I think my world is changing now
I can feel it in the air
Is someone soon to find me?
Does anyone still care?
You think you know me, what I am
There are paintings, drawings too
But no-one truly knows my tale
Is it fable? Is it true?
I have been mighty in my time
I have lain here many years
I have embraced a Queen within my arms
I have watched her shed her tears
Please come and find me now
I groan, I sigh and settle for the night
It is so dark down here
I long again to see the light
I dream of battles that were fought
Of Victories long ago
I was proud to serve my King
Standing strong against the foe
But then men came, the noise was loud
No safety to be found
I cried out “please help me”
But they razed me to the ground
Maybe my time will come again
To make this city proud
People will flock to visit me
To sing their praises loud
But now I lie here waiting
For you to tell my story
Will you be the one to save me?
To restore my former glory
Come find me now

Pam Courtenay



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