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A message from Ron

As 2018 comes to an end I would draw the attention of Friends of Sheffield Castle members to a wide ranging exhibition on the ground floor of Sheffield’s Central Library that draws upon Sheffield and its role in the various conflicts that the city and its region have found itself involved in over the hundreds of years of its history.

It’s a wide ranging vista from the days when the Sheffield area was a border zone between different Celtic tribes and the advancing Roman legions to when Northumbria submitted to the overlordship of Wessex as England took shape. The years when the Norman held sway over a defeated Saxon race through the internecine conflicts of the Industrial Revolution and associated political unrest right through to the two World Wars which shaped the modern world and the modern city.

Of particular interest is the rise of our lost medieval castle and the penultimate event in its history when it surrendered to Parliament after a brief siege in August 1644 together with images of the survivors and reminders of that era, Manor Lodge, Bishops House, The Old Queens Head and the soon to be transformed into a Starbucks coffee shop(!) Carbrook Hall. On the date of my visit no one could advise me when the exhibition was due to close but let’s hope its got a lengthy shelf life as our city regenerates itself yet again.

Ron Clayton



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