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450th (+1) anniversary of Mary, Queen of Scots

On the 450th (+1) anniversary of Mary, Queen of Scots, arrival into Sheffield, the Friends of Sheffield Manor Lodge commemorate the occasion with a procession and “grand hall” dinner in the presence of Mary herself. Mary will progress in horse drawn carriage from the Tudor ruins through the Sheffield Manor Lodge site to Manor Oaks House where the Lord Mayor and the current Lord Shrewsbury-member of the House of Lords awaits to welcome her, alongside her captors the Earl of Shrewsbury and his wife, Bess of Hardwick. Here a feast will be held to mark her arrival. You are invited to join us in giving Mary a celebratory Sheffield welcome and to sit with her as we banquet.

Two ticket types are available:

Procession Only: 11:15am to 12:15pm Join Mary on her carriage ride from Turret House to Manor Oaks House where she will be welcomed by the Lord Mayor and we will host speeches and join a toast in her honour in Manor Oaks House under cover

Procession and Feast with Mary: 11:15am to 1:30pm. After the procession, we will feast with Mary, Bess, George, the current Earl of Shrewsbury and the Lord Mayor. Join us for pie and peas from the Rhubarb Shed in Manor Oaks House and the chance to mingle with and an array of Tudor characters in celebration of Mary’s arrival in Sheffield.

Pie options:

·         Beef and onion pie

·         Sweet potato and red pepper pie with a coconut and butternut squash sauce (V, Vg)

Both served with crushed buttered peas. Gluten free available.

Please let us know your dietary requirements when purchasing your ticket on the “your details” page. Please call the Rhubarb Shed on 07375366429 to discuss any details. Additional hot or soft drink included with each meal.

If you have any issues purchasing your ticket please call Sheffield Manor Lodge on: 0114 276 2828, Monday to Saturday, 8am – 4pm




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