What Savile did next… — 2 Comments

  1. There is an inference to the effect that Sir William’s horse ran away with him – a similiar episode to that of George the Second at Dettington in 1743[the last time a British Monarch commanded his troops in battle].

  2. Interesting portrait of Sir William-he wears a buff leather coat that would turn away a sword cut and a breastplate and carries a riding crop.He has the long hair style of what folk assume is a typical Cavalier[a Spanish term meaning horseman]but there was often little difference between Royalist and Paliamentary soldiers. See the portrait of ‘Old Noll’ [Cromwell] for example in which he is in full armour. Round/Cropheads refers to the short hair style of the London apprentices who supported Parliament. .Winceby is of course in Lincolnshire and Bolingbroke Castle the birthplace of Henry the 1Vth.

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