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  1. ‘I cannot hail thee, tho’ thou liv’st in story,Thy turrets and thy towers are all gone,Little is left to indicate thy glory,But old tradition and this little song,Spectre of time!where are thy battlements and lordly hall? Nor vestage here, nor stone with noble crest in,Nor remmant of a buttress or a wall, No effigy supreme,however broken, No tottering gable in the sunlight glow,No grey remembrance that would be a token.To take us back to ages long ago.’

    Frances Buchanan, Sheffield Poet, 1882.

  2. ‘Nobody’s ever been bothered about the castle’

    Graham Hague,ex Sheffield City Council Conservation Officer,Stalwart of the Sheffield Branch of the Victorian Society and Fountain of Knowledge about Sheffield Industrial History/Transport/Brickyards and Much Else.

  3. ‘There was a lot more down there but we had a job to do’

    Sheffield workman in fawn slacks,brogue patterned Chelsea boots,check sports jacket, with Sammy/Tootal paisley scarf,Brylcreemed hair and moustache. Talking about construction work on Castle Market.

  4. ‘Throughout the six centuries which preceded the Parliamentary Civil War,few of the baronial castles of England could boast a more intimate connection with outstanding men and national events than could the castle of Sheffield and it is doubtful if since that time any has suffered such complete destruction or become more entirely forgotten than has the noble pile at the junction of the River Sheaf with the River Don and which towered above the little town of Sheffield’

    A.L Armstrong.

  5. ‘A further plea might be made to the Corporation that the castle site is of such historic importance that the portion now vacant should not again be built upon but should be excavated under supervision and the foundations of the ancient structure laid bare to be preserved.As a record for all time of the centre and mainspring of our city’s existence’

  6. Anyone know how to contact Red City Projects who have made the lyrical video posted on You Tube about Sheffield Castle[see the FOSC website]? If so please get in touch.

    Many Thanks