Under the Market — 4 Comments

  1. Personally I find these images a little disappointing, not because they do not show the castle remains, but because they don’t tell us much we don’t already know.
    It would be more helpful if there was a precise location. As for someone finding their way under the floors, I hope they used breathing apparatus as it must be pretty noxious down there at present.

    • John, fair point. As far as we know, these are the part of the remains of the bastion towers which are based on the south east corner of the site.

  2. It is indeed the bastion base, as excavated in the 20s. This area could be viewed by special appointment about 20 years ago when I did my in-depth study into the castle as a fledgling archaeologist wannabe. It was excavated to some depth down in to the moat, displaying a supposed cannon ball hole in the wall.

  3. Its about time this important piece of our past was visible and on show for all,since being a child we’ve heard about what lies beneath here but have never seen it…

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