The wall, in 1927 — 1 Comment

  1. Nick

    Thanks for posting this. You raise a mystery which may not be solveable.The photograph is originally from J B Himsworth – colleague of Armstrong during the 1927- 1929 ‘excavations’. I’m not sure in my mind whether these two hero’s of mine are correct in describing this masonry as part of the castle wall. I have never seen the castle ‘bastion’in the flesh, so to speak- but this isn’t like the dressed stonework of the courtyard remains. Plus there seems to be an angle to it. The site worked on the twenties was a hotchpot of structures- possibly medieval- certainly post medieval. There is evidence that part of the castle wall survived in to the nineteenth century Hunter refers briefly to ‘a few vaults’ but our emminent and invaluable local historian was not privy as to what exactly remains underground-neither are we. Any of our archaelogist colleagues have any thoughts?

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