Sheffield Heritage Fair on Facebook — 2 Comments

  1. Hi looks good

    R U going to be celebrating the little meisters and the current crop of knife makers like A Wright (their shop and workshop are like walking back in time, apparently it was an inn in the 1700’s surrounded by an orchard and I bet you didnt know that Prince charles, the king of Tonga and all our miltary forces have their swords finished there. Something Sheffield should be shouting about!

  2. I agree Tony -certainly Kelham Industrial Museum will be there and we have all the metal industries heritage to view in the Galleries themselves.Unfortunately the Cutlers Company haven’t responded to our invitation. The Fair is really an event organised by myself and David Templeman in conjunction with Sheffield Museums Trust and not FOSC.We still make the Sykes Fairburn knife here in Sheffield so yes we should be proud of Sheffield quality.


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