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Sheffield Castle surrender document

One of the few people mentioned by name in the surrender document of Sheffield Castle in August 1644 is in Article VII:

АRT. VII. That Kellam Homer, now living in the Castle, shall have liberty to remove his goods into the town, or elsewhere, without molestation.

Kellam Homer was the town armourer, and in “A Sheaf of Essays by a Sheffield Antiquary” by Charles Drury (1929), it says he was paid the sum of £10 in this capacity in 1637.

Drury also records that he was the owner or leaseholder of a grinding wheel in Colston Croft, an order being made that neither he nor any of his tenants there “shall grind and glace neither night nor day, but they shall draw the by-shuttle to let water pass unto the corn mylne, unless they keep their own wheel goinge with sufficient water for the said corn mylne” – default 10 shillings.” This grinding wheel was apparently situated on the goit near Millsands and received the water before it reached the town corn mill.

Supplied by Peter Bayliss


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