Secrets of the Castle on BBC — 2 Comments

  1. ‘Secrets of the Castle’ is a fantastic programme which illustrates what could be achieved with Sheffield Castle. The ongoing restoration of Guedelon in Burgundy by stonemasons using traditional methods shows how imaginative vision can create transformation and regeneration. The originators of Guedelon should be invited to make a presentation at a public meeting in Sheffield and this model might be adopted to encourage employment, apprenticeships and tourism. I have over 50tons of large dressed stone, for free, which would face 50 sq. m. for anyone who wants to start the ball rolling.

    • John, the Guedelon series was fantastic, but I don’t think this would be viable for Sheffield Castle as (1) no image exists today to show what it looked like, and (2) apart from your kind offer of a fair quantity of stone, it would be impossible to finance such a large project in the current economic climate. Other views are available – let’s see some further comments! Why not get in touch with the Council re your offer?

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