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  1. The Friends Of Sheffield Castle were gobsmacked at the turnout last night.The best part of 200 people who attended reflects the Sheffield Public’s imagination has been captured by the once in a lifetime opportunity to rediscover their lost castle.

    Watch out FOSC’s regular pieces in the Sheffield Star starting this Saturday.

  2. It was more than 200. Some people weren’t counted. Trouble is where do you go from there? People will expect more posh events.

  3. Hi Joy

    the way forward is a programme of events for members in the New Year-this starts with a display in the Central Library in February plus a regular column in The Sheffield Star.

  4. It is a great pity that the ordinary every day users of Castle Market and the Exchange Street area’s are not invited to your posh does at the Royal Victoria Hotel.
    Mind you they do not fit in with what your minority group think as to what is best for Sheffield and all its inhabitants.
    A good job done! Time will tell.

    • I’m not sure what your motive was in posting this, the whole of Sheffield (and anywhere else) was invited to our do and it wasn’t “posh”! Were you there?

      What is it that we “think” that you object to? Preservation of a nationally-important monument would seem pretty reasonable?

      • No I was not there[ thankfully] My objection to your championing the demolition of the Castle Market is and always has been your complete disregard as to the historical trading area on which the Market stands.
        Now I know that this will not go down well with you lot and no doubt you will come up with alternative argument to disprove but trading on that spot was in place before any Castle was built .
        Sheffield has now lost its very first meeting place, a place where citizens have met to trade and converse for over a thousand years, A place that is still loved by proper Sheffielders to this day.
        So as far as preserving or uncovering history is concerned you have done the exact opposite.

        • I’m not aware of us “championing” the demolition in any way, shape or form, the group arose from the implications of that decision having already been made by the council. I have great love for the existing building, many happy memories and will miss it. I’ve been encouraging the council to do a proper physical and video record of the existing building before it goes.

          So, please don’t leap to conclusions about what we stand for and be aware that we have no say *whatsoever* in decisions made by the council.

          • That is not what I have been led to believe over the last five years. as far as I know some of your group are very involved with prominent councilors.
            If I am wrong then I apologize.
            I my self tried to get the Castle Market listed as an important part of Sheffields post war History.

            The biggest objectors to that where from prominent members of your group who urged people to write to English Heritage and object to the application for listing.
            I would also like to point out once again that the most important people effected by the demolition are in fact a certain section of our community who could not care less about whether there is a pile of rubble under Exchange Street, all they want is to meet and shop in the traditional historical! trading area that they and their fore fathers before them have always been part off.

  5. I was rather saddened to read Judd’s negative comments. I only know of him through his letters in The Star on similar lines. The Castle Market is being demolished because it is over 50 years old and no longer fit for purpose. Your historic record of the market site is inaccurate, Judd. The Castle was the first building on the site, not a market. The market moved onto the Castle site after its demolition, the original Sheffield market was on Waingate outside the Castle wall. Anyway, for better or worse, we are going to find out once and for all what is left of Sheffield Castle. My own view is that if it was “razed” there may be floors and cellars if not a lot more standing walls. There will certainly be artefacts. Try to lighten up, Judd. By the way, as an architect I was horrified by the idea of listing the Castle Market building. We all have our opinions.

    • Why is the Castle Market no longer fit for purpose?.
      The Castle may! have been the first building on site but I do not know that and neither does any one else.
      The original trading area in Sheffield was at the joining of the Don and Sheaf near the river crossing [That is logical].
      I hope there is some Castle remaining under Waingate or some people are going to look very silly. I did not see much evidence of that in 1959, 1960 when the Market was built,[ maybe the building inspector missed it.]
      I can not lighten up when confronted with the destruction of Sheffields most historical meeting and trading area by people who perpetrate to care about our Sheffield history ,further to that the people who really count I.e. Those thst use and love the area have been disregarded as not being worth consulting.

      I note that you are an Architect! well I am a bricklayer, and my love of building and buildings is just as worthy as yours ,I would also like to add that a prominent Sheffield Architect was in agreement with the attempt to list the Market but it was unfortunate that he came on board much to late in the day.
      Post war Architecture will be just as important to future generations as Castles but the way things keep happening in Sheffield there will be none for them to see.

  6. Good to see people with different views and opinions on the castle/market site. The one thing in common in this debate is the passion shown for our great city’s heritage. Point taken by Judd that it would be great if people from all age, backgrounds and area’s of the city could get involved. I would love to see this project work, and both the castle and the markets site acknowledged.

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