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  1. Hello.

    Just a quick question.

    What repairs would be done on the old town hall at castlegate.
    I think it would be very costly and although the kick start money would help, do you think it’s enough.

    Just wondering.

    • This money is just for the minimum repairs to the roof to make the building weatherproof. That’s all the Council is legally able to do.Even then we think [‘we’ being the Friends of the Old Town Hall] that the Council will go for the very cheapest option, given their dire financial situation. We would prefer more work but it’s a start. You are right that a full restoration of the building will be very expensive; double figures of millions, probably. We have grant-funded work in hand to do the costings and work up a plan for getting there but it’s going to be a long job.We’re up for it, though.

  2. Having seen the progress of the Castle Dig there seems so much to discover and so little time in comparison none the less very exciting and everyone’s hard work is very much appreciated. John Moreland mentioned about the future of the site and mentioned that some commercial/ business development maybe be needed. the question is how do we fit that in with preserving discovered and no doubt undiscovered remains (as there’s so much)? Well The Acropolis Museum Athens can provide an answer. It is built on remains of historical significance. The solution in order to preserve the remains it is built on pillars with viewing decks with and without glass floors this allows access to the Public and allows Archaeologists to continue their investigations. In effect it becomes a live historical attractions for visitors, always discovery as and when funds permit and protects whatever potential remains exist. See the Link for pictures and commentary
    if we can translate that when there has to be development (building on the Castle site area) then all parties needs can be met and makes the area an attraction for vistor,s and thus unlike in recent years Castlegate an attraction in itself that will draw people making it commercially viable (as it increases footfall with Tourists/ Vistors that also incidentally need feeding and watering) Just an idea but an opportunity that perhaps should not be missed.

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