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  1. Hello.

    Just a quick question.

    What repairs would be done on the old town hall at castlegate.
    I think it would be very costly and although the kick start money would help, do you think it’s enough.

    Just wondering.

    • This money is just for the minimum repairs to the roof to make the building weatherproof. That’s all the Council is legally able to do.Even then we think [‘we’ being the Friends of the Old Town Hall] that the Council will go for the very cheapest option, given their dire financial situation. We would prefer more work but it’s a start. You are right that a full restoration of the building will be very expensive; double figures of millions, probably. We have grant-funded work in hand to do the costings and work up a plan for getting there but it’s going to be a long job.We’re up for it, though.

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