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There has been lots of publicity regarding the announcement of the Castlegate funding

John Moreland did an interview with Radio Sheffield yesterday evening. You can hear it here for the next month or so. – the item is about 1.10.00 in – use the transport bar.


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  1. Hello.

    Just a quick question.

    What repairs would be done on the old town hall at castlegate.
    I think it would be very costly and although the kick start money would help, do you think it’s enough.

    Just wondering.

    • This money is just for the minimum repairs to the roof to make the building weatherproof. That’s all the Council is legally able to do.Even then we think [‘we’ being the Friends of the Old Town Hall] that the Council will go for the very cheapest option, given their dire financial situation. We would prefer more work but it’s a start. You are right that a full restoration of the building will be very expensive; double figures of millions, probably. We have grant-funded work in hand to do the costings and work up a plan for getting there but it’s going to be a long job.We’re up for it, though.

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