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  1. Having done talks on Lady Arbella Stuart for the last 4 years, I have never come across Arbella having stayed at Sheffield Castle. Sheffield Manor certainly was the most frequented house she visited outside London basically because her Aunt and Uncle, Gilbert and Mary resided there.
    I have the full itinerary of Arbella’s grand tour when she revisited the places she was brought up in and Sheffield Castle is not mentioned.

    • As usual my technical expertise as regards IT lets me down.Apologies.

      However ‘Plus I think Arbella would have preferred the comfort of the Manor Lodge to that of a 13th century castle plus at this stage of her life she was not recquired to be accommodated in a secure confine-unlike Mary ,Queen of Scots.Remember though I don’t think we know exactly how many days Mary was at either the Lodge or the Castle.We have two letters written by her – both from the Castle.Much as I would like Mary to have had some ‘after bird’ at the Old Queens Head- I have no proof that she did. But Mary would have seen the building and Arbella would have seen the Castle.wish Ihad-‘Such stuff of dreams are made of’ – And of course where would we be with out historical controvesy ? Bored.

      • Perhaps as the person who passed the piece to this website, I can clarify; I think I originally described Arbella as an interesting person with a connection to the castle, i.e. through her aunt and uncle, rather than having actually resided there.

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