Here’s a fascinating video from RedCityProjects


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  1. Wow, that videa is astounding. It was so very very interesting and should be shown all over Sheffield. What an interesting history we have in our city and how sad it has only just recently been discovered but how wonderful that the castle area is to be excavated. We must spread the word to join the Friends of Manor Castle and the Friends of Manor Lodge because our heritage is important and our children should be taught about the town in which they were born. Well done, the information was so exciting.

  2. Thanks for your interest Iris and response.I should point out that information about the castle site has been known since the 1920’s.There is just the one organisation relating to Manor Lodge itself-the Friends. Are you coming to the Friends of Sheffield Launch on 4/11 at the Royal Victoria Hotel?




  3. Hello. I heard the recent radio interview which I found fascinating. I have just looked on the website and joined up. I had no idea how interesting this site was. I would love to find out more and offer my services to help the Friends. Can you let me know when the meetings take place.

    Kind Regards


  4. Fascinating video, i am unfamiliar with Sheffield’s role in the English Civil Wars so its fate came as especially interesting. Let’s hope there will be an abundance of finds from the site and we learn alot more of its colourful past.

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