Here are some tantalisingly poor quality images from the excavations conducted in 1927.


The 1927 excavation — 3 Comments

    • The history of the “jean” dates back to 16th Century Europe. Its evolution is absolutely fascinating when you discover that the terms “jeans” and “denims” (which were originally brown) started at fabric manufactories in Nimes (France – ie “de Nimes”) and Genoa (Italy – “gene”). Always used by workmen, they needed to be sturdy, which was when the copper rivets were added to the joined corners.

  1. The pictures along with others show how much of the Castle remains which is substantial. Hundreds of years of these being hidden now is the time to and possibly the only opportunity to fully expose the remains of what was a Castle of National not just regional importance. Many other old photos show walls 30 foot high especially on the south side, so more of this Castle remains than other castles with remains above ground. Sheffield now has an opportunity to reclaim its past, no longer the deprived mass of faceless 60’s buildings rather it has embraced the best of its past whilst looking and embracing the future. Putting Sheffield Castle back on the Map would be the icing on the cake. Involving National Bodies like buildings at risk, National Heritage and the National Trust would give the excavation and display of such a building of National Importance the national Support and recognition it deserves

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