Elizabeth I’s suspicion of Mary, Queen of Scots — 1 Comment

  1. The Armada Portrait shown, is an interesting way to show how pictures of that time have changed over time. It’s mostly to do with the colour. For example those chocolate coloured bows were bright blue originally and the others vivid scarlet. The dress colour has also changed. The Red hair was was blond, though I think the face has been replaced at some point. The sea of the ships was of course blue. The curtains might have been emerald green. Indeed most of the blue’s and greens have vanished from the picture. Silver items have also turned black. It’s common for colour to change over time. Most of the pictures have suffered from this. Another good example is the Rainbow Portrait. The Rainbow looks like the back of a ghostly chair arm. Of course it would have all the colours of the rainbow on it. As one would expect.

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