A celebration of the anniversary of the Norman Conquest
Friday 20 May 2016

Followers of history will surely find something of interest here.

Conquest 950 is a day of informal talks by academics researching the Norman Conquest and its impact on the north of England. Everyone is welcome. The talks include:

  • 6th Day Of 1066: A Date with the Devil – Blame King Harold for the Norman Conquest. Ian McGill (Grapevine Magazine)
  • Vampires and the Norman Conquest: a Derbyshire perspective. Charles West (Sheffield)
  • Playing Detective: Discovering Scribes in Eleventh-Century England. Christine Wallis (Sheffield)
  • Sheffield Castle – still at the heart of the city. John Moreland (Sheffield)
  • Tasting the past: Unearthing the Chemistry of Medieval Beer. Lee Eales (Sheffield)
  • The Bayeux Tapestry: myths and messages. Michael Lewis (British Museum)
  • Resistance: England after 1066. James Aitcheson (Historical Novelist)
  • What did the Normans ever do for us? Norman-northerner relationships in the post-Conquest period. Aleksandra McClain (York)

For details, please email Alyx Mattison or James Chetwood


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Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to get involved. We are a voluntary group and so may not be able to answer immediately.